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With young children, I typically utilize a child-centered interactive play and art therapy approach, along with other evidence-based approaches like CBT during online telehealth sessions. I work collaboratively with children and their caregivers, finding individualized ways to re-connect, re-engage and re-build healthy social and emotional coping and relationship skills. Collaboration also extends outside the family system to include care coordination with other specialists or systems that are part of the care team. 


Cognitive Behvioral Therapy (CBT) and TF-CBT

Collaborative Problem Solving

Child-centered interactive play and art therapy​

Parent and caregiver coaching and education


As a solution-focused therapist, I help adult clients identify their unique strengths, areas of challenge and assist them in setting goals that can help them experience a more fulfilling life. Often times, my adult clients are searching for ways to reduce stress that may be related to certain developmental life phase, or adjustment to major life change or loss. 


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